In China should teaches newcomers about good manners??

@tess99 (17)
February 23, 2009 1:39am CST
In some countries newcomers must learn about good manners of that country before they are allowed to stay. Foreigners who come to china do not have to learn about good manners in china. Is it a good thing that other countries ask newcomers to do so?Should China start teaching newcomers about good manners in China?
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• China
26 Feb 09
yes you must . the manners is very important for everyone in China,so you had better obey them. if only you could attend the new society.\ good luck.
@underdogtoo (9588)
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
It is a good suggestion although I do not know of any country which teaches good manners to visitors. Every country is trying to get tourists into their country. I wonder if teaching manners is a good way to entice them to come? Cheers!!
@psyche49f (2504)
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
I guess it's just but proper to learn the ways and life of a particular culture especially if you're a visitor to a foreign land. It would be good to give a good lecture about the host country's culture, peculiarities, expectations, do's and dont's, practices, observations so as not to offend both sides. When I went to other Asian countries, we had to learn the ways of the people there, especially in malls, department stores, how they greet each other, polite ways of dealing with people, etc. China should really do the same, or why should they not? After all, we are now on the road to globalization, and people already cross cultures more often than in the past, so that learning the ways of other people is still and advantage.