I'm trying to make money on EBAY. Does anyone know popular things to sell.

United States
February 23, 2009 3:39am CST
I just currently lost my job and am looking for ways to make money. So ive been putting some house hold items online to profit from. I'm thinking of bargain shopping or garbage picking. But i wanna collect things that will sell easily. I dont wanna stock my house with more junk though. Do you have any ideas for me? Or what to sell?
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• Hong Kong
24 Feb 09
hi there, i am a HK girl, I have a number of friends in USA who also selling in ebay, i know they have suppliers in HK or in China, they no need stock the stuff in their house, they just use the pictures and list it in ebay, if have buyer place a bid, they send email to their suppliers and ask them ship the items out from HK or China, for that, my friends can earn some money between the sellers and the suppliers. =]
@benny128 (3621)
23 Feb 09
yeah the sentiment as been echoed ebay is old hat now, its so expensive to sell anything on there now a days if you are based in the usa give me a pm, as I use a usa based web site thats alot cheaper than ebay drop me a pm or have a look in my profile for the url as dont want to violate any t and c's and post links
23 Feb 09
Hi, I am ebay.co.uk myself due to living in good old England, firstly I want to say how sorry I am to hear you lost your job, I have recentley been through this and it is tough (especially nowadays). Personally I buy designer clothes from charity shops - take them home wash them, take a decent photo and list them on ebay.co.uk. Names that tend to do fairly well over here are Hugo Boss, Armani, DKNY, Versarce etc. I find that it is not to difficult to get a pair of Levis 501's Jeans from most charity stores over here for around £1-£2 (GBP) and take a decent photo - write a listing and they generally sell for £20-£30 (again GBP). This is a great way to make a fair amount of extra cash. Be honest about if the item has any faults and always post it out as soon as you get paid with a note thanking the buyer and telling them to let you know if there are any problems (accept returns too). You well soon build up a good feedback and get repeat business. This makes money far quicker and easier than anything else I have tried online. Hope it helps and good luck. Ian.
@mrsl2008 (634)
23 Feb 09
Hi clamburger, I normally sell a variety of odds & ends we no longer need or use. I have found the best items have been baby/child items especially in good condition and car items. Take good photo's, list your item in the correct area and remember to consider your costs when listing!! Eg. Ebay fees, postage & packaging & paypal fees. Don't be caught out by postage like so many people are and don't over price your postage as you won't sell. I normally include all postage/packaging etc in postage cost. Have good comms and people come back and give good feedback. Your feedback is really important as people will be put off if you have under a 100%. Think about the time you list things aswell, avoid teatime as people are busy getting home from work/dealing with kids. And avoid school run time x Good luck & I hope you make some money x