United States
February 23, 2009 3:12pm CST
Ok the movie is one of the better one's out there. I liked it alot too. but for me there are better chosie.. and Shawn Penn should not have one best actor..Did anyone see the WRESTLER... Mickey Rouge should have one that for sure and what happen to GRAN TORINO C EASTWOOD was great too.. So this is a year when buget cut's all over so Slumdog prove you don't need a large buget to win the big prize and in anime what happen to IGOR funny movie indeed.. So in all you see I love movie's I have pay site's I go to to download these great movie's just watch BOGGEYMAN 3 AND THE GRUGE3 and the NEW FRIDAY THE 13th you know what to expect in all of these movie's spo tell me what you think about the movie's so for this year thank you BOB
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