How do you study for a big test?

United States
February 23, 2009 4:31pm CST
I have tests a lot and i need a new way to study for them. Now i am doing a review sheet and then looking over my notes. What else can i do?
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@ionsquare (534)
• Singapore
24 Feb 09
when it comes to study, its important to make use of all your senses. You should read out loud so that the information are re-entered into you through hearing them. When you read, of course you are seeing them so you are making use of your eyesight. Write out your own notes in your own words. This allow you to read, refer, review the notes as many times as possible.
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
Well, back when I was studying, normally I don't do any special things for big exams. I treat all my exams fairly. A big test is as important as a simple quiz for me. What I usually do is keeping myself away from the pleasure of watching TV, surfing the internet or playing games. This is important because when reviewing, you shouldn't have any distractions so that information are coming in to your brain smoothly. Then, I find a comfortable place, a nice and quiet one where I could study, like my room for example and then, I'm just taking a good and thorough review of my notes, be sure to memorize important details. Jut down important terms and phrases and taking importance to it. A big help to is a nice and complete hours of sleep so that your brain could take the time to relax and processed all the things you read and memorize. Then, that should set you up ready for the big day. Good luck