Best Touch screen phone

@menulis (468)
February 23, 2009 4:42pm CST
hi all mylotter, how are you?? hpe all are fine. Well nowadays we know that touch screen phone is very popular. it copies PDA feature, but of course it increase for some aspects. Well in your deep opinion, what best touch screen phone at this time. please give your reason also.
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• India
26 Feb 09
i feel that iPhone is the leader in touch screen models we get many features in iPhone we have Wi-Fi connectivity and we get streaming YOUTUBE videos even we can enjoy nice music quality with this iPhone,
5 Mar 09
The iphone is just a fashion icon,, its camera lacks megapixels, it can't record video & it can only send SMS messages after downloading a free fix from Apple. For me the HTC Touch HD has it all & thats what I will be getting.
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
Of course, there's nothing like the iPhone. It's a trendsetter. Since it's release, other big cellphone providers like Samsung and Nokia have been imitating its features. It's a browser, music & video player and a cellphone in one. It's pricey but it's worth it.