Is it possible for religious to give up their religion?

February 23, 2009 5:21pm CST
Sounds a little crazy to ask this question. i am an athesut, so far as i know friends around me who are religous believers mostly affected or forced by their family members to pick some one religion.but is there any possibility for any religous believer to give up their religion? em, i was told that is any muslin wanna give his religion, he would be killled by her/his family , is this ture? forgive my silly question, i really have no idea on religion. by asking this question, i just feel curious. if my words hurts some religious believers, plz don't mad at me, bcz i am not meant to be. thank you so much for ur reading happy mylotting
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@bird123 (10546)
• United States
28 Mar 09
I am a firm believer that everyone can change. It might take time but it can happen. You have to remember that religion isn't always about believing.Sometimes it's about being right or being someone with all the answers or more. It isn't always simple.Now for you, God does exist but He isn't anything like what you have heard.Did you know it isn't important to God whether you believe in Him or not? Believing has never been an issue with God. God is unconditional love. He is a teacher not a ruler.Though it seems so many times this world doesn't make sense, the people factor does add up.If you can't change someone, just move a grain of sand when you meet them.I hope I've done that.