Did you catch the evidence that Jerry Jax is not dead on General hos. today?

@coffeebreak (17811)
United States
February 23, 2009 7:18pm CST
Well of course we all know that 99% of the time if no body is found after a death, that person is not dead...just either being recast or actor on vacation or something... and Jerry Jax is no exception! Point 1. How could Jerry have made these disks and hide them around SOnnys house for Claudia to find, if he "died" before Claudia and Sonny got married...before Anthony even offered the deal to Sonny? Yes, he could have made them, but couldn't have made them specific to Sonny's house for the hiding places. Point 2: On the off chance that he did, in all her detailed searches with the clues he gave on each disk...you mean to tell me she never came across any of the other disks while searching for one? But today...did you see when Ric was at Sonny's when he "offered" to partner with SOnny to find Anthony...did you notice that quick shot of a disk stuck behind a picture hanging on the wall - or was it the mirror - Ric noticed it and started walking toward it and then Sonny came in behind him and Ric turned to talk to him? That was in pretty plain sight for all practical purposes...and Claudia or Sonny or anyone else has not seen it all this time if Jerry had put it there before he was blown up? Yeah, right! He's alive and hiding the disks as he sees she finds them. Do I care? No, couldn't stand Jerry but he sure did bring kaos and intrigue to the show!
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