The People Who Robbed My House Were Caught!

February 23, 2009 9:30pm CST
I remember posting here how my house was robbed while we were sleeping. Two days ago, the robbers were caught. They robbed another house in my village and was intersected in a checkpoint. They were in a taxi cab and the police questioned them for bringing a stereo and some other household stuff at 3 in the morning. They looked very suspicious so they were brought to the police station and was introduce the cell where they would be living for a while. Curious as a cat, I went to see the people who did a series of robbery in my village including my house. I was devastated to see that this were teenagers. The youngest being 14 and the oldest 22. There were 4 of them. One was the brother of a midget who sells fish in the village with his motorcycle. I do not know if the midget served as a look out but it is unlikely because he was a very nice hardworking person. I was very sorry when I saw those kids. What would their future be? I was weighing my options whether to press charges against them or not. I know it was their choice but in the long run what is the reason behind that lead them to this kind of life? Poverty, yes and influence and probably drugs. For some reason, the society has something to do with it. Can the government exert more effort to give programs and jobs to kids like this. I am not a technical person and I am not the type who's interested in politics but somehow we can do something about it, right? If you were in my shoe, would you press charges? Their will be other people pressing charges against them so regardless they will still go to jail. I also fear that if this are drug addicts, they will come hunt us eventually since they live just outside the village. Perhaps this are even gangs, I don't know. What would you do?
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@byfaithonly (10715)
• United States
24 May 09
It's a very sad situation but the fact is if they get away with this they most likely will not learn a lession. But then I'm the one that when my oldest son got caught stealing hood orniments off cars I personally took him to the local police. Several years later he did something else wrong and took himself to the police station - the police didn't know what to do they had never had anyone do that. When asked why he did it he said, "That's what my Mom would have done so saved her the trip."
@KrauseHome (36663)
• United States
23 May 09
Personally this is a hard stance to be in. Yes, they might be just young teenagers trying to make a living, but going around stealing others stuff is not a Good thing for sure. It could end up turning to other things, and worse so for me if I knew someone had done something like this even being a teenager it would be best to press charges and hope they somehow can see the light before it ends up turning to a worse life of crime as well.
@aseretdd (13732)
• Philippines
24 Feb 09
Well, if a lot of people will press charges against them... then there is nothing to be afraid about since for sure the police will not let them out that easily... so if i were in you situation... i will also press charges... i know life can be difficult but that is not an excuse to commit crimes... and this might help these kids straighten up their act...
24 Feb 09
Hi sheena, To be honest with you, those people will never change even if you do something for them, i would press charges as they have no right to steal from others and they will do again and again, no matter what, I know because I have been robbed to a few years back and if I ever see them I' swing for them as they were never caught, no, I don't feel sorry for them, but you might think me harsh, to think like that, but they needn't live their life like that, others don't. Love and hugs. Tamara xxxx