The Holiday

February 23, 2009 11:30pm CST
In my life, such as it is, we have "holiday" holidays-you know Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving ecetera and we also have HOLIDAYS. Days when there is nothing Earth shattering on my schedule and I take my little ones and loved ones and do something special for them. Usually lots of noise, confusion, laughter and an overwhelming sense of comfort( the comfort arrives as I am serving the last plate for supper-giggle!! giggle!!) So my question is -Does anyone else do this? Take 24 hours out of their schedule and make a special day just because they can. It doesn't even have to be 24 hours. How about 12 or even 8?
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@beachstarz (1092)
• United States
24 Feb 09
Hi Charlene, I love it ! I wish we would have done this when the kids were young. What a great idea to get family togther just for some quality time together ! We did make together times . We had special nights for board games , movies and so on . We would pick a different family member to pick the game or movie or dinner they wanted . It's also nice having Mother and daughter things like going to the mall , and Father and son things like a day of fishing . I do love your idea with the non holiday - holiday ! I'm sure your kids will remember it as special and carry it on for years to come .
• Canada
24 Feb 09
As they get older and things become a little more "stressful"you know the I'M 13 GOING ON 30 stage it probably won't seem so cool- but there ae some privlegdes with being the MOM! THe really nice thing about non holiday hlodays is I've done for my grandmother as well and I don't know who had more fun, her or me. When she passed it gave me some memories of her that make me feel like she is still with me.Those memeories are probably one of the most valuable things she ever gave me.
@rowe0525 (677)
• China
24 Feb 09
oh god abotu this discussion,,i do not know for sure,,maybe my comment does not relate to your discussion,,but i do not know what to do ,,god,, in a speciall holiday,,i must be have a big time in that time i like holidays a lot,,it can get rid of negative feeling about my work and let me study better...aha ,,i like them god bless you
• Canada
24 Feb 09
Yes rowe0525 your comment does relate. I am truly glad holidays make you feel better. That is what they are supposed to do-at least partially. I am glad you answered. Have a great night!