Money CAN make the WORLD around??right

@rowe0525 (677)
February 23, 2009 11:56pm CST
hey yo why money is so important in our life..why ..tell me why ,ok thank you in advance money is not every thing ..but it is nothing without money ,,now,,i have no money to meet my daily needs,,and i have a lot of trouble to make a living,,for i have no money ..i am still need my parent give me ..a shame but ,,,,,,,,,,5555god,,,tell me?
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24 Feb 09
Hi rowe0525, Well I think money is important because we need to live and pay our bills, we don't get things for nothing, as your parens are giving you money or food, a place to stay, where do you think they got the money from? they have to work hard to pay for you, if you are old enough, go out and get a job, we had to. Tamara