Would you rather be.........

United States
February 24, 2009 1:53am CST
Would you rather be blind or deaf? This seems to be one of the hardest choices people could make when asked? This is just a simple discussion about how we as a human race take the simplest things in life for granted.......lets take a warm summer day for instance......what do you see? Maybe your by the beach and love the way the water reflects the sun, or your downtown and are amazed by all the tall buildings surrounding you? The outfit your wearing that day? or maybe it's that special someones' smile, when you tell them you love them.....Now what do you hear? The sound the waves make as they crash into the bay, your cell phone ringing? People being people, talking?, laughing? Again, it seems to be the littlest things we take for granted.......So What would you rather be? I know since I started this discussion I'm gonna have to be the first one to answer my own question......for me......I would rather be blind. I'm a musician and music is my life, also the sound of my son laughing and trying to pronounces his first words mean so much to me. There are so many other things I could go on and on about but I'm gonna let everyone answer this and see what simple things people come up with! Thanx for playin'! JD
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@bohol_27 (43)
• Philippines
24 Feb 09
I'd rather have the eyes to see doesn't matter if i cant hear...anyway i just creat my own sound running in my head on the things I see...
• India
24 Feb 09
i would rather be deaf... only one reason for me choosing that and thats coz i cannot imagine me going through life being as blind as a bat... its impossible for me.. so i would rather not hear sounds than not see the beauty of nature... besides i can just learn sign laguage and be fine...
• Brazil
24 Feb 09
If I had to choose, I would rather be deaf, I couldn't go without seeing, there's just too much to see in this world, and I would not want to miss seeing my daughter's face for the rest of my life...
@maezee (37238)
• United States
24 Feb 09
Music is amazing, and I love hearing sounds (especially nature-related sounds like birds chirping & water falls & such), but at the same time, I learned a little bit of sign language in high school & I think I would much rather be deaf than me blind. For some reason. I love photography, and maybe that's why I'd rather be deaf. Another thing is that I think it's easier to get used to being deaf, and you can more likely be independent earlier on than if you were blind. But I don't know.