has your place been featured in a movie or book?

February 24, 2009 2:52am CST
hi, i got hooked up to the twilight series and i kinda got curious also with the town of Forks (in the Olympic peninsula of northwest washington state). is there someone out there who was born or lived in Forks? is it really as rainy as stated in the book? do you live in a place that has been featured in a book or movie and is it as true as depicted in the book? thanks!
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• United States
24 Feb 09
I haven't lived in Forks but I do live in the Pacific Northwest and yqes it really is that rainy. It doesn't pour cats and dogs all day everyday, but it starts in the fall and continues right through the spring. The last couple of years though we've been behind in our usual amount of rainfall.
@jwfarrimond (4475)
24 Feb 09
I'm from Wigan in the UK which is where George Orwell decided to come to research for his book "The Road to Wigan Pier" which was about poverty amongst the coal miners in Wigan. Orwell set out to tell about poverty amongst the miners, and he deliberately asked to be lodged with a poor family so that he could get first hand experience. Given that he was concentrating on writing about poverty, the picture that he presents of the town in the 1930's is one sided. If he had come here with the intention of writing about wealthy people, he would have found them as well - the owners of cotton mills, coal mines, iron foundries, farmers and landowners. To say nothing of the hundreds of other small businessmen who lived comfortable middle-class lives. Apart from George Orwell, there is also a series of novels set in the town. They are by a man called John Farrimond - my namesake, and they are now all out of print but I think that they can still be found on the second hand market. One, I recall, is called "The Hollow Shell" but I can't remember the titles of the others, I think that there are three of four altogether.