Linkgrand high activity week with booming ads !

@lusirafa (944)
February 24, 2009 3:07am CST
Hi all, Have you join Linkgrand yet ? It's an old reliable PTC pay via Paypal with minimum payout $ 5. Some Linkgrand member complaining about the low clicking fare ($ 0,003 per click), they usually have 15 ads a day. But yesterday they send me an email about their high activity week, this mean they got many advertiser in this week, so their site are booming with ads right now. I've manage to clicks 30 ads this day, and there's more to click after I try to login several different times :) And on March 1st, 2009 they will give $ 20 to 5 random members that participate during this week. If you're already their member, it's the best time to clicks their ads. And if you haven't join them, feel free to join using the link in my profile :) So what are you waiting for ?
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