what is macro?

November 10, 2006 12:17am CST
plz explain: how to work in macro? why and when to use it?.
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@feris0604 (303)
• Malaysia
12 May 07
In photography, the term 'macro' refer to a close up look of an object. It is a very interesting function in any digital cameras. Many years ago, before the age of digicams, I have acquired a film camera with the 'zoom' function. That was why I like the function so much. Now I prefer digicams with powerful 'zooms' or macro function. You know, you can use the macro function whenever or wherever you like. Even in the dark, if the ISO is right, the macro function can also be used. However, your picture will be rather grainy if you use the 'macro' function.
@arsena (293)
• Germany
9 May 07
Macro is a therm use in photography to describe the close up photos for small objects like flower or insects. It is one of my favorite way to take photos
@svijay (92)
• India
10 Nov 06
Macro, in Economics, is big. Opposite of Micro Economics. Like studying the economic condition, of a country (Macro)and a village (Micro.)
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@mythmoh (3986)
• United States
10 Nov 06
macro is a small program which can be used to run some commands which will be used frequently.you can find its usage in microprocessor programming and also in excel
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• Australia
18 Jun 09
Well, what an interesting language English is! Macro variously means: * a single computer instruction that results in a series of instructions in machine language * the Monopole, Astrophysics and Cosmic Ray Observatory, a particle physics experiment located at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso in Abruzzo, Italy. * An abstraction whereby a certain textual pattern is replaced according to a defined set of rules. * An image depicted in the same scale as the subject, focused sharply on that subject. The subject matter is usually very diminutive object. * A series of laser printer escape code sequences, control codes and data whose execution can be initiated with a single printer command. * The study of economic aggregates and their relationships to, for example, money, employment, interest rates, government spending, investment and consumption. * A sequence of text written automatically in a word processor or similar program * A series of image processing steps in a program like PaintShopPro or Photoshop, that have been automated and attached to a single command or when the image is first opened. Basically all these meanings come from adoptoing he Latin prefix macro, meaning large to represent the whole word.
@ymesako (21)
• Philippines
22 Nov 07
macro in photography is the extreme close up picture of an object. Macro is very nice to use when taking pictures of insects, flowers or any small object that would look in blown up.
@rurique (116)
• Portugal
21 Nov 07
hi, u use macro with some programs...and you can use it for wc and some others skills. but please dont never use it, by using it you can be reported and by using it you dont really know what is the real experience that runescape gives you. folow my exemple dont never use macroing, you wont like to be reported with an high skill.