Do you like with your destiny to be a woman ?

Kuta, Indonesia
February 24, 2009 6:34pm CST
sometimes before going to sleep. I'm thinking about my gender. if I were born as men, how the feel? men can be free to seduce women, while the women can seduce men in the taboo and over acting. also men is dominated all the work. Do you like with your destiny to be a woman ? and what your opinions if proclaim as in men.
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• United States
25 Feb 09
I don't know where you live but as a woman I don't feel like I have any limitations. I believe woman are able to compete with men in the workplace and we have made a lot of strides there. As far as seduction goes, it is equal. I am enjoying being a woman, especially having the pleasure of being a mom and experiencing birthing a child.
• Kuta, Indonesia
25 Feb 09
I life in Asia. In my place is still thick with the customs and culture that considers women as the assistant men. but there are now my government encourage women emancipation. But need more time to be equal with men. Have a nice day to you !
@jlamela (4905)
• Philippines
26 Feb 09
I am very happy being a woman and no plan to switch gender if given the chance. Women has many advantages than men and besides, women are origin of life, we have the capacity to conceive and giving birth is such a terrific experience in this world. So I preferred my gender above anything else. In the workplace, men and women are equal and can compete in any aspects, so that's not a problem for me.
@jofeli (504)
• Indonesia
25 Feb 09
I feel that women are now having the same rights as men, although in some countries they are somewhat despised. But that just doesn't make me feel upset of being a woman. Instead, I think that women are gifted because we are given the chance for delivering new lives in this world (giving birth to babies lol) and having a tight bond with the kids. I think that is the most beautiful gift that will overcome anything bad that women used to be addressed. Life is beautiful no matter what. Well, that's my opinion.