Psychic's and Mediums do you believe?

February 24, 2009 8:55pm CST
So how many mylotters believe in psychic's and mediums. I personally do...i do not believe that everyone who claims to be is. That is so far from true. However i do believe that some of them are legitimate. I believe in Sylvia browne, many people don't and I am not saying that she is never wrong, but i do believe she has a special gift. Today I was watching the Tyra show...she had the psychic twins on her show. I have seen them before on another documentary,..they predicted 9/11 amoung many other things. I have also been to a medium..she did not have a big name like the others mentioned...but she was able to tell us things that she could not possibly know...and things we knew were true. Not everything she told us I can see is true...because i will not know yet...and maybe never. But i cannot argue with the fact that she knew many things she shouldnt. So do you beleive is psychics, and mediums? Do you think you have this ability? Do you have a story to share about this...if so....please do!!!
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@weasel81 (2501)
• Australia
25 Feb 09
i believe in them, the less you have to say about yourself the better. you can pick up if they are real or not as good. i've had few different reading done, no one has managed to say when the inlaws farm will sell. but the best one i've spoken to says it not far away and my partner will get a job offer, so it's a wait and see. i've got 2 i like, both have picked up that my work mate likes me. like there's a 2nd male in the picture but not being sure who it is, one says he may be my soul mate and the other says we're better to stay close friends or i could lose him. so that a wait and see issue, and walk the line that will answer the question. the other thing is also, my partner's nanna has turned up a one of my readings even at my bro inlaws partners reading to. i'm sitting tight at the moment to see what will happen, will let you know more when things come through.
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
25 Feb 09
I was a non-believer until I went to a lady who proved herself, she was so good, since then I have been to many, some were frauds just making money but some were so good it was frightening, the one that impressed me the most was a spiritual sketcher, not long after my father passed away I went to her and she told me I had a spirit guide standing behind me, he was an American Indian, it wasn't until I looked at the sketch it was an American indian but it was definitely my dads face, and it made me think how maybe there is a lot we don't understands, it made me think of my younger days how I was always facsinated with Indians and how I always wanted plaits when I was a kid...I think there is a lot we do not understand in this area...
• Canada
25 Feb 09
Thats such a crazy cool story. That must have been an overwhelming feeling when you seen that picture. I agree with you...there is a lot that we dont yet know...and many people would not want to know. I guess it is fear of the unknown. I say let's make the unknown not so unknown! Things like psychics, and mediums have always intrigued me. Thanks for your response, and sharing your story!