Christianity-- I have some questions that i could use answered

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February 24, 2009 9:06pm CST
I am a practicing catholic, but i have to admit that i didnt really pay attention in sunday school, so i would like to clear up a few things. Firsty what are all the books that are in the christian religon, and can someone please give me a basic timeline on the events after the death of christ and before. I used to think that christianity started with the birth of jesus but im not so sure now. Also how is it that Judaism has a lot of the beliefs that are held in christianity but dont have jesus in it?
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@Hazelrose (2182)
• Philippines
25 Sep 09
The true Christian believes only in the Bible. Because it is the Words of God. Its is being called the Holy Bible, cause the the author is God. It is the sole books that man must received. The other books written by man, like passion, rosary, is not the books that leads you to eternal life.
@eileenleyva (15487)
• Philippines
28 Jun 09
There is book called My Catholic Faith. Answers the fundamental questions about the religion. Ask in your local bookstore. The Summa Theologica explains in-depth the queries about the faith. But that is difficult to read and understand. Approach your parish priest for guidance. Sometimes they conduct lessons like Bible Study.
@redhotpogo (4430)
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25 Feb 09
new testament is the section associated with christians or new jews. and yes it actually started before the new testament . A prophet told about a saviour to come. The first promise ..first covenant was a saviour. Then the new testament starts off with the birth of the saviour and then his life and struggle, and the first covenant fulfilled. It actually is a continuation of the old jewish religion. they are not seperate. Same God. Same beliefs. Just some chose not to accept Jesus as the saviour they were looking for and continue with the old ways.
@katb28 (225)
25 Feb 09
the whole of the old testiment is exactly the same for juews and christians they both belive in the old testiment there are two types of jews masianic jews and orthadox jews masianic jews belive in jesus and orthadox jews don't the first christians were the diciples jesus himself was a jew and so were the deciples the jews of that time who followed jesus were the first christians and the gentils or non jewish people who followed christ were the first ones to be known as christians, to be jewish you have to be born a jew but with the birth and life of christ anyone who is willling to accept jesus as saviour can be christian i hope this is helpfull if there is anything else you want to know just ask god bless