more and more are in unemployment

February 25, 2009 3:09am CST
Today,my company cut about 450 staff member.One of my co-worker named eddie is one of the 450 people.Although he is very young and has the ability of finding a better job,in such bad enviorment how difficult to find a suitable job,he had to face this fact. Entire office is full of sadness,we embrace with each other ,tomorrow we can't say such a word'good morning'.It is just the first large activity of laying off employer,maybe tomorrow another such a activity will happen again,maybe the next one is me. I have been ready to leave this company any time, although it do not affect personal ability.I will improve mysely all the time,maybe I should consider having an examination of office-bearer which is a career that won't be cut off forever.How about you will do in such a situation?
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• United States
25 Feb 09
I have been unemployed for almost a month now. Its awfull and its sad. I have only been on three interviews and one was sunday. That company said they will make a choice by friday of this week, i would like to get the job becayse im desperate for some money and its hurting me not being able to pay bills. I was with a company that probably had around 200 employees and the week before i was sent out i saw two people leave and was wondering what was going on because it was a company you didnt really want to leave because there was a chance for improvement and a better chance for a upper level. So the next week came and i was the first that week to go it was horrible but you knew it was going to come now or later. I had only worked for that company about 3 weeks and it was weird that they were even hiring people knowing there were letting people go. It was frustrating but you have to move on and look at the better side of things. Hope you do good and stay with your company your with and try not to be unemployed even though through this economy it is tough.