New Freind request: Denying or Accepting

@sadiq007 (334)
February 25, 2009 9:01am CST
As most of new user not have much friend so mostly they add tose people who are responding to there post.. so what you do with them ...Denying or Accepting...As i always add those people whose post i like and having same interest that i have.Making friends all around the world its exciting...
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• China
26 Feb 09
First,i will watch his or her profile,and then i decide whether he or she is worth adding to my friends.
• Philippines
26 Feb 09
its an advantage to get to know how they really are they exist even if you said that add them or not its a part to know them to to developed your social skills
@mysdianait (65054)
• Italy
25 Feb 09
When I receive a new request I check out the profile of the user to see the discussions he has started and responded to and if I 'feel' that we might have the same interests then I will accept. If after that I get PMs with links to join this site or that site I delete them. If after I accept them I do not see any positive reason as to having accepted then I delete them too. Many are 'collecting' friends recently and doing nothing in return for receiving responses
• Philippines
25 Feb 09
hello sadiq, I usually add friends. Especially those who have responded on my discussion, so that I can respond to their discussions also. A way of helping each other here in mylot. have fun take care
@snoopy04 (718)
• United States
25 Feb 09
I normally accept new friend requests. I love making new friends from all around the world so I will check their profile page and then accept. I love responding to the discussion and am trying to get on here more so I can participate.
@rtslvtwy (1088)
• Malaysia
25 Feb 09
I would usually look at their profile before I add them. Those that do not put in any information or very less information in their profile, it will be unlikely for me to add them. Those that complete their profile properly means that they are genuine to be here at mylot, then i will add them in.