any cute and unique party for an engagement?

February 25, 2009 9:03am CST
A friend of mine is soon to be engage and she's planning to have a engagement party since her wedding will be abroad. For a get together she plans to have an engagement party with close friends and family. she doesn't like the usual engagement party and plans to have a cute and unique one instead. What kind of party will it fit in the party that my friend is thinking of? Any idea what would be something unique? Thanks in advance.
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@Bebs08 (10685)
• United States
25 Feb 09
Is that an engagement party or a bridal shower? Well, of course if she will be married abroad, her husband to be is abroad not in there? so.. not an engagement but a bridal shower and farewell party at the same time because she will go abroad..sorry my friend but,, the idea i can suggest is somewhat like a farewell party for friends since she will be going abroad,,, that's what I had before I left. Well, the party I had is exclusive for my friends and co-workers. They prepared a program for me, some selected friends and my superiors say what they have to say about me and my accomplishment that they will never forget, and more of bes wishes and advice as they know how married life is specially in a different country. It is very touching my friend. We shed some tears too.. maybe tears of joy and excitement. Then they prepared gifts, and food of course.. I can always treasure the words each of them said about me.. the things that they never forget while we are together. You must have a coordinator of that program my friend... Somebody who is good at that area..The bride will not be the one doing these things.. somebody has to do it for her. good luck...
• Philippines
26 Feb 09
Thanks for sharing your experience my friend. The guy is coming over for an engagement party and at the same time they will be having a party since they will be going back to Australia for the wedding. So we are planing to have a some sort of a party. other want to have it in a hotel and have the shower at the same time though others wants it in a different manner. What you had was really touching and worth remembering for the rest of your life. I will try to bring this up with my friends. Thanks a lot!!!