Do you ever feel left out?

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February 25, 2009 1:36pm CST
I'm having one of those days where I just feel down for no apparent reason. I substitute at my daugher's elementary school in the library. I was there only for the morning. The school was having a luncheon to which I contributed a crock pot of chili. They have these for the teachers & staff every month or so to show our appreciation & it was 4th grade's turn (my daughter is in the 4th grade). The librarian & the aide for whom I was substituting wanted me to have lunch with them. I really didn't feel comfortable doing that because I am only there some of the time & I feel that the luncheon is for the fulltimers. I turned them down even though they pressed the issue. Then they started gossiping & "talking shop". For some reason I started feeling uncomfortable. I was ready to go home & be with my dog. I must be a loner or something, I don't know. I must also add that I applied to work as a library aide at the new elementary school that will be completed in fall of this year. I think then I will feel more comfortable with my surroundings & not left out. Anyone else been in that situation where something just doesn't feel right?
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@stacyv81 (5904)
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25 Feb 09
Its one of those times you feel like you're in high school again right? And you just want to retreat to your comforts. It is hard. But they wanted you around because they asked you to go with them, so that should make you feel better! =)
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26 Feb 09
High school! I didn't think of that, what a perfect analogy!