What was your childhood like ?

@tudors (1556)
February 25, 2009 10:42pm CST
Looking back how our childhood like helps to remind us how the surroundings and the world change. when i was 14 or before, no one knew what a bar is because there was no bars at all and no big hotels, only hostels. There was libraries but few people even knew it and visited them. Very few eating out at that time. Around 11 to 12, for girls, the biggest fun was chitchat, yeah we did play some girl games. ah yes, there was a time when knitting came into fashion. And when i was younger, around 6 or 7, i used to hang out with neighbour girls, sometimes a follower and sometimes an initiator. when i was younger, around 3 to 5, there was a hard time to buy milk. Each household was limited to buy one bottle of milk (around 220ml ), and my parents managed to buy 5 bottles for me, see, how lucky i've been ! and one can hardly imagine that at that time, buying a bike is a big event, you have to request someone to get one. It was so rare and hard to get, so the new bike was normally wound up with cloth at the metal part in case the paint to be damaged. how funny, isn't it? as a result, when people remove the cloth, the bike is quite old but except the metal part ! oh, yeah, i love sausages very much, when i was 5 or over, buying sausages weekly was a big treat at that time. so, turning to today, kids are too happy in a way. They have nearly everything and meanwhile they lose some which can only be found in the old past simple lifestyle. Welcome to share your childhood to let me know more about your culture. wish you luck !
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@cindyhxf (1447)
• China
26 Feb 09
i am in China.i missed my childhood alot.my parents had good time with me .now i left them and stay in other city.my dad said i wanted to buy a bike very much when i was 5 years.but he didn't buy that time ,he regrets about that till now.so after my daughter stayed with him now,he tried to buy anything my daughter wanted,hahaha.anyway,i love my parents much.they really took very good care of me.