Healthy Eating or Not?

@lynnemg (4536)
United States
February 25, 2009 11:00pm CST
Many of us are very health conscious when it comes to what we eat. Many people are not. Which category do you fit in. I like to think tht I fit into the first one myself. The problem with that is while I may know that something isn;t so good for mew, I do indulgde at times. I do prefer baked foods over fried, and I do not eat grease if I van help it. I do my best to prepare well-balanced meals for my family, but I am not sure that this is enough to really call myself a health conscious eater. What about you, how would you categorize yourslf when it somes to your eating habits?
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@Sreekala (32817)
• India
26 Feb 09
We should take a balanced food which includes cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, curd etc. Many are depending upon fried foods and if we depend more on these kinds of foods which will make some problems for our health. I think I am little bit conscious about food. Normally I avoid those foods which create a problem for health. I am trying to convince my kids too the same. But I am allowing them to eat some junk foods once in a while. Mostly I am taking much care for preparing food and make sure that am providing healthy food for my family.