What's the meaning of the number over the star here in mylot?

February 26, 2009 2:33am CST
I just wonder what is the meaning of the number above the star here in mylot that is located at the left side of our name, I have number 8 in my yellow star, what was that? Can anyone explain it to me. Thanks..Im just curious.
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• Philippines
26 Feb 09
Hi there! The star that has a number above your name is your reputation here at mylot. The higher the number on your star the higher your reputation is. So, how do we get good reputation here? First of all, you have to post a good quality discussions and responses. You have to post something that everyone would be interested to respond. You also have to follow the rules here in posting and you really have to be active here. But sometimes you cannot avoid the number on your star go down because there are other mylotter who gives you a negative rating. You know, There are just some mylotters that you cannot please. Happy mylotting!
• Philippines
26 Feb 09
Ah i see, now i understand. thanks for the response.. good day!
@K46620 (1993)
• United States
13 Mar 09
How is the number calculated? Also, does color mean anything?