Have you seen a UFO?

@czafle (99)
February 26, 2009 2:45am CST
Back in 1998, after my high school graduation, my mom & I went to my aunt's place although we also went back before midnight. While waiting for a passenger jeepney, a UFO appeared in the sky. I call it "UFO" because that's how I normally see it in movies and pictures. I have never told this to anyone coz i'm scared that they might think I'm crazy. Last December, I went back to spend holidays in my home country. I had the chance to asked my mom about it. I was surprised when she told me that she also saw it. All these years I thought I was the only who saw it! Then she even said, "yeah isn't it we're like stuck there and just waiting for it to take us?" So that made me realized i was not hallucinating or something coz someone else saw it too. How about you? Have you seen a UFO too?
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• Australia
5 Mar 09
ufo... unidentified flying object... honestly, i haven't seen one... but watching movies like independence day would make you wish you don't see one... and imagine being abducted by these things... you won't know what's in for you... i hope i won't see one in my life... it just creeps me out... really..