Have you had the experience that power was off on important holiday?

February 26, 2009 2:58am CST
I have experienced power had gone off on the eve of the spring festival ,which made us impressive .Power off in hot days seems very often but at the end of the year ,what 'more ,at the exactly time of family reunion dinner seems a little special .when all the dish done and we begun the dinner party ,suddenly it became dark ,but it is light opposit .we began to feel bad .My grandma said there was something with the fuss .Dad went out and found buildings in our line were dark .But the opposit buildings are light .why it is so unfair that the opposit are light as the day .Mother said and lit the candals .let 's have the candal dinner now .The power -off lasted about one hour .It came before we finished it .We had planed to have dinner earlier so that we could go to the flowers street .Our tradition says that someone goes around the flowers street ,he will have fortune for the coming year.We were happy to catch up with it .Although power off is inconvenient ,it gave us a unique eve of spring festival .Happy to share with mylottings.Have you ever experienced something special about power off ?
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