which movie is worth watching recent?

@wangkai (798)
February 26, 2009 3:00am CST
hello everyone on the mylot.do you enjoy watching movies?please introduce some new movies to me and tell me where i can get it.thank you.happy mylot.
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@youless (104244)
• Guangzhou, China
27 Feb 09
The Day the Earth Stood Still - The postcard of the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still
I wonder whether this will be The Day the Earth Stood Still. I have expected to this movie so much. At first, it is a science fiction movie and this is the type I like. Second, it is starring by Keanu Reeves and I like him a lot because he is very handsome. Third, it was a very famous science fiction movie in the past, it just has the new version now. So I think this movie will be great to watch. I love China
@sanuanu (11235)
• India
10 Apr 09
Recently I watched only one movie and that is Mirrors(2008). I must tell you that it was the most scary movie I have ever seen in my life. Recently, I hvae lost interest in horror movies but this movie did scare me a lto.
@paula27661 (15898)
• Australia
27 Feb 09
I am sure someone has already suggested this one "The Curious Life Of Benjamin Button" it is the best movie I have seen in ages. I did not think I would enjoy it when I first heard about it but it is so well made, well acted and so believable! Do yourself a favour, go and see it!
@mimpi1911 (25473)
• India
26 Feb 09
Recently I watched SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTON and AUSTRALIA. I liked all. Looking forward to watch MILK.
• Malaysia
26 Feb 09
the recent movie that i watch is 'benjamin button'..it is a very great story..check that one out...