Indicators your dog might need obedience training

United States
February 26, 2009 5:12am CST
How do you know if your dog needs obedience training? 1- He comes home with a deer haunch in his mouth and buckshot in his a$$ 2- She has a larger collection of shoes than you do 3- You can't get mail delivered to your house anymore 4- You have to order out at least 3 times a week because the dog is the only one who got a home cooked meal 5- The sling you use for your dislocated shoulder after walking the dog is getting worn and frayed 6- You realize your Blackberry was too extravagant to be used as a chew toy 7- If he figured out how to get into the pantry and help himself, he is smart enough for obedience school 8- You think the vet charges way too much to retrieve your car keys 9- You are kicked out of your carpool 10-You can't get the smell of a flaming bag of dog poo out of your welcome mat
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@modstar (9608)
• Philippines
26 Feb 09
I'm just glad Moochie is not any of the dogs described on your post. I think he is well enough to be put to obedience school. He's a smart dog but he has his own ways of being naughty. He hates kids and he hates stray dogs. I don't know, but he seems to be scared with things that are bigger than him like a basketball.
• United States
27 Feb 09
Awww. Moochie sounds really cute. I guess you are right too, they all find their own ways to be naughty sometimes. It's funny you mention Moochie is afraid of something like a basketball. My dog, Emma, is afraid of any kind of ball, and she is definitely bigger than any ball out there. Thanks for your response.