Who can help me answer the brain challenging question

February 27, 2009 12:07am CST
A merchant, sitting on a donkey, passes through the desert of 1000 km long to sell 3000 carrots. Known that the donkey can carry 1000 carrots at most for one time, and it will eat 1 carrot when it walked 1 km. Ask: How many carrots does the merchant sell at most? Expecting for your answers! Happy mylotting!
3 responses
@thungster (157)
• United States
27 Feb 09
Wouldn't it be 0? If he can only carry 1000 at a time and eats 1 carrot for each km, then for every 1000 km he walks he will eat all 1000 carrots. Is that right?
• China
27 Feb 09
Acturally there is an answer, but not zero or die. But I do not know how to figure out!
@john42 (1)
• New Zealand
18 Jun 09
Clearly the answer is not 0. The merchant rides out a bit places a store and rides back to pick up another load etc. Thus relaying some carrots across the dessert. At least 300 can make it.
@Generis (145)
• China
27 Feb 09
Maybe he can't come back and will die in the desert if he choose to pass through the desert of 1000km long ...