February 27, 2009 6:00am CST
Do you use abbreviations?How often?I use abbreviations when I chat with my friends and when I write mobile messages but I try not to use it in forums because it`s not so hard to write one post and when I visit forums I am not in a hurry.How about you?Do you use them?How often?Can you say what all the abbreviations mean?Here are some popular examples of abbreviations: LOL-laughing out loud np-no problem brb-be right back btw-by the way dn-don`t know CWOT-complete waste of time asap-as soon as possible thnks,thnx,10x-thanks jk-just kidding BCNUL8R-be seeing you later BBB-Blah,Blah,Blah WABI-What a beautiful idea(credits to my little cousin for this one) WGON-What`s going on now? FYI-For your information TIA-Thanks in advance! CMIIW-Correct me if I`m wrong IDC-I don`t care DBI-Don`t buy it GFY-Good for you HAND-Have a nice day BFF-Best Friends Forever 2G2BT-Too good to be true After writing all of this I was amazed how much abbreviations I know and I noticed that I don`t use them alot really.Did you learned something new from this list?Happy MyLotting!
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@gracie04 (4554)
• Philippines
27 Feb 09
Yes, I do use abbreviations at times when chatting with friends and sending text messages like: 1. BRB- Be right Back 2. LOL- Laughing out loud 3. BTW- By The way 4. K- Okay 5. NP- No problem and many more.. =)