Ever feeling suicide ?

@tudors (1556)
February 27, 2009 8:33am CST
hi, have you ever got the feeling of suicide though we would never do so actually ? Lots of people (including me )find that they feel so down and depressed that they question the point of living, sometimes just feel so unhappy that they can't believe there will be any positive change. Every year over 19,000 teenagers attempt suicide and it isn't easy to explain why young people feel that this is the only option left to them. Bullying, abuse, rape, relationship problems, bereavement and exam stress are just some of things that might trigger suicidal feelings. Sometimes it can be a combination of smaller, difficult problems or events that can escalate leaving you feeling hopeless, lonely, depressed and isolated. If someone you were close to has committed suicide it can be very distressing and hard to come to terms with. As well as coping with the initial loss and grieving there is the extra burden of the police having to investigate the death. Try talking to someone as that is often the best way of coping with things rather than bottling your feelings up.
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• India
27 Feb 09
ya it is correct.......................
@forslahiri (1042)
• India
27 Feb 09
Hi, I'm also a teenager(in Heart..hihi),atleast 2-3 times a week- I also feel to commit sui... But that strong desire( started after 1 year, of TOTAL 30 years marraige)remained unfulfilled even Today...hihi!! =Lahiri,Kolkata,India.
@lampar (7591)
• United States
27 Feb 09
yes , bottling up one own feeling is not healthy especially negative feeling like sadness, depression, fear and others, they can drive a person deep into dangerous territory of losing self control and ended up in a destructive manner of oneself. If for some reason a person can not express openly his or her negative feeling, it is wise to see a therapist or try to communicate them to friends or relatives to diffuse this potentially dangerous ill feeling.