Is 3.5 hours enough time to transfer between international airlines?

@skaterx (530)
February 27, 2009 11:32am CST
Hi, I'm thinking of flying from Auckland to Hong Kong on air new zealand, and catching a flight to europe from there, on a different airline, AirFrance (and they are not in the same alliance). If the arrival time is 3.5 hours before the other flight departs, is that enough time? I'm not sure if they transfer the luggage between the airlines. If they did, I think its enough time since the terminal isn't that far away (2E to 2D in Charles de Gaulle). So do you know if they would transfer the luggage for me, and if not, How long does it take to collect luggage at Charles de Gaulle, is it located by where you get off the flight? Thanks
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• United States
27 Feb 09
It should be enough time as long as conditions go your way. For example no delays or extreme traffic at the Charles de Gaulle airport. I am pretty sure your luggage will be automatically transferred, when you check-in in Auckland they will tag your bags for your final destination (Hong Kong). Once you get to Europe if you have to change terminals you will have to go through security and check in again, but not pick up your bags. I have flew international many times and seem to have a 50% chance of having a problem. You can never predict anything when it comes to flying. I say the more time the better, but 3.5 hours should be fine. Good luck on your trip!
@skaterx (530)
• Finland
28 Feb 09
Hi, yeah I just want to add a note for everyone to double check. Because I emailed Air NZ and they said they only check the bags through to final destination if all the flights are on the same ticket. And yeah I think now and then there are flight delays so I guess I should leave plenty of room between flights or get it all on the same ticket!