How to get rid of Stretch marks?

@tutul0045 (2630)
February 27, 2009 1:03pm CST
Hi frends, I have a lot of stretch marks in my shoulder and chest region. I started exersixing from a very young age and those stretch markes were visibke from say when i was 17-18 yrs old. So after 4 yrs they are quite permanent and can be seen from a distance too. It actully dont bothers me but at gym and or at pool people do make some comments about it. I have heard drinking more water is one way to get rid of them. Iam interested in natural soultions. Plz share yr views. Cheers, Tutul
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@dismalgrin (2606)
• United States
27 Feb 09
Hahahahahahahahaha. Sorry. But, I have stretchmarks from my 3 adorable babies and if someone dared to say something about them I would point to my kids and say that they were all worth it. And even if mine weren't earned from pregnancy I don't think that stretchmarks are that big of a deal. Who says that our skin should be completly unblemished? Besides, although there are many ways that you can keep from getting stretchmarks, there isn't really too much that is ligit on getting rid of them after you have them. Stretchmarks can be caused by both gaining weight suddenly and losing is very quickly. So, basicly it's your skins reaction to any sudden change in size. Don't be so aware of your body... if anyone is making comments about it then they are so superficial and why would you want to be friends with someone not that deep?
@tutul0045 (2630)
• India
28 Feb 09
Hey there, Well as i wrote that iam not too bothered abt it. But i feel awkward some times when people say me " hey that looks bad on u' or " drink more water and u will get rid of them' lol. U know those free advices. And not necessarily they are coming from my friends. Well pregnancy stretch marks are not visible i guess as they dont get exposed. Shoulders or chest region is some thing, which we cant, hide much especially in places like swimming pool or at gym. So it will be good if I can get rid of them in some natural way. Cheers, Tutul