Bored with regular chicken? try this out

@Archie0 (4792)
February 27, 2009 1:49pm CST
Why dont you try something new and juicy if you bored with your normal eating habits of chicken.. Jus try to boil some tomatoes when they boile and peeled puree them wash chicken breast and poke them add some vinegar with lemon and rub on the slit chiken pieces.add the tomatoe puree to this when it is cold. Now place the chicken in fridge for an hour. Prepare the rest of the things to make the chicken..cut onion in thin slices, garlic just diced, Paste of green chillies, a lot of corriander, mint leaves, and some curry leaves, if possible get some fresh bay leaves not the dried ones. make a thin psate of all these green herbs and veggies.make some powder of cinnamon and cardamom in a mixture without peeling the shells of cardamom.use te green ones, just let it be covered as it wil loose its aroma soon. now take out the frozen chicken coated with tomato puree. you will find its coated well with tomatoe as the chicken ws slitted. now heat oil in pan olive oil or suflower oil will do.fry garlic till golden brown put some cummin seeds fry them, then comes the onions fry the onionproperly till they are golden brown, then add the powder of cinnamon and cardamom, after the aroma starts going high put in the green paste fry everything atleast for 5 to 6 min... dont let it burn. then put the frozen chicken in the pan and fry till the chicken is tender add salt to taste.. You can eat this chicken with mashed potatoes and bread or fried rice..I cant name it because i just tried my hands over it once now you try it out and do lemme of luck
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27 Feb 09
that sounds pretty good, but it sounds hard to make is it time consuming