Coolest Map in CS 1.6?

@1hamm3r (180)
February 27, 2009 2:44pm CST
Hi all. Which map is the coolest in cs 1.6? I´ve been playing cs for a few months so it would be fun to hear which maps you people like. I prefer fy_pool_day and aim_crazyjump. :D And you?
8 responses
• Hungary
31 Mar 09
Coolest map? well i think coolest map is fy_iceworld. But the best cs map ever is de_dust2 :D thats the most played map
@zpendam (132)
• Indonesia
7 Jul 09
yes because the de_dust2 are official map
@face05 (16)
• India
12 Jul 09
my favorite map in Counter strike is de_train, i just love this map, though we also play other standard maps like de_dust2, de_inferno, de_nuke but de_train is our favorite, there also other fun maps like 32_aztecworld, aim_deagle, aim_usp n all.
• India
17 Apr 09
My fav map is de_minidust2, it has become one of the famous maps nowadays in Indian Non-Steam servers. But no map is better than the standard de_dust, de_dust2, de_inferno, de_train and de_nuke... Fun maps like 35hp, mini_dust2 r all good.. :)
@Marius9 (37)
• Romania
21 Mar 09
When I was playin CS I liked to play only on awp maps like awp_india.Now I don't play CS anymore, I don't like it.
• Romania
21 Mar 09
the best cs map is de_dust2, de_inferno, de_tuscan and as funny maps I like fun_allinone, aim_ak-colt and fy_iceworld xD
@060157 (1060)
• Pakistan
4 Mar 09
i like fy_pool_day too but de_dust2 and inferno are my most favourite maps in the game. but now it's been over a year since i played CS. no one plays on the local server anymore.
@May2k8 (11172)
• Indonesia
28 Feb 09
I like aim_crazyjump, cs_assault, de_dust, de_dust2, cs_deathmatch, cs_italy, de_rats, de_train, and others. I have been play CS 1.6 for 6 years, and after a few month i don't play CS.
@Dotrex (52)
• Netherlands
27 Feb 09
Yep, I like Pool_day a lot. There are also many others that I like. De_Dust2, he_Dodgeball, he_glass, and many many others :) Other small maps with AK's on the ground and those.