I Think Philosophical!

February 27, 2009 10:44pm CST
"My patience level is seamless". I'd always wondered whether this was a myth in my mind or if it was true with me? At times in difficult situations, when I really felt like giving up, some inner power would prompt me to carry on and I would. Initially, I could never understand what it really was. However time and now it has happened that I have overpowered the power of my weaknesses. I tried to look into this to find out what inspired me to come up with a fight against the odds. Every one of us has an inner self; a power that prompts during those diffuclt moments when when one really needs to guide one's self to the right path. That's the reason I feel giving up easily would be an act only a loser would do. I believe in destiny but I also believe I can carve my own way to the future. Having said all this, I'm not sure if it made any sense to you guys or not. But in short; I'd simply like to mention, better think a lot more times than you'd normally do, before giving up on anything in life. You will definitely make it there, where you want to be. Thus, when I say "My patience level is seamless", I feel its not a myth. It's true with me. Losing is not the end of it. Trying just one more time gives you another chance to win untill you see that you have won. I would appreciate if you guys can express your opinion about being patient and trying on and on till you achieve success. I know, success never comes easily.
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