Dubbed Telenovelas

February 27, 2009 11:42pm CST
Telenovela is a Spanish and Portugese word meaning soap opera. Ever since the Marimar (a Mexican telenovela) madness, Filipinos continued to play these telenovelas on TV. The emergence of Chinovelas (chinese soap opera like Meteor Garden) and Koreanovelas (Korean soap opera like Lovers in Paris) also became an instant hit! To make these soap operas appealing to the local mass, TV stations hire dubbers to translate the words into local language. I really find it funny and sometimes a little over dramatic. I mean the dubbing. __
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@ulqu1orra (307)
• Philippines
18 Apr 09
Yeah I also watch telenovelas but I don't care about their dubbers, as long as the story was good and the artists are cool. I have watch many of them and one of the greatest of them is Endless Love. It has a good tragic story. Another great telenovela was Jumong and Money War. They have lots of viewers here in the Philippines. They are really entertaining.
• Philippines
18 Apr 09
Sometimes, the dubbing has more emotions in it than the real voice of the actors. _
@aisaellis22 (6447)
• United States
3 Mar 09
Hello NaomeErin! I also think that soap operas from other country especially koreanovelas are dominating here now. I would like it to be dabbed rather than listening to their voice and just read the subtitle..At least when it's dabbed it's not hard for us to understand.
• Philippines
4 Mar 09
I totally agree. Plus, you get to watch the whole screen without worrying that you might missed a word in the subtitles. Dubbing makes life easier for local watchers. ^_^ Thanks for sharing!
@ayenacsi (910)
• Philippines
28 Feb 09
What I did notice that networks tend to cycle these foreign soaps with the local ones. After airing a local telenovela they will follow it up with the japanese, korean or whatnot telenovela. I think it's kinda refreshing to watch fellow asians and see that they are not quite different from us at all.
• Philippines
5 Mar 09
Yes, it's like a variation to keep the interest of the people. But I think most of the Filipinos prefer foreign soap operas. Maybe they're bored of the local TV series' plot? Or they just want to see new faces? _