Do you like diamond rings?

February 28, 2009 5:36am CST
Hello,female friendes,what's your views on the diamond rings?Do you wish to have your own diamond ring?What do you want your fiance to give you as your wedding present?A diamond ring or other?I like a ring encrusted with beautiful and noble diamonds,but they are very very expensive.So I just miss it in my dream.LOL...hahaha....What about you?My dear friends?
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@williamjisir (22883)
• China
15 Mar 09
a beautiful diamond ring - it is a dream of mine to get a diamond ring for my wife.
Hello hollysun. Obviously it is a discussion for ladies. Well, I am just the opposite gender, but I would like to answer this question for my wife. Yes, my wife would like to have one if I could offer her one with my limited salary. lol. But I have to say that my wife has never asked me for one as she knows that she would have me there if she did so. hehehe. Good day, friend.
• China
22 Mar 09
Hi william,thanks for your humorous response but it's sensible,you are so happy and lucky that you have a good wife.Real love can't be measured by diamond my opinion, your wife is more beautiful and greater than those who have diamond rings but don't cherish love.Wish you and your wife have a happy life forever.
• United States
3 Mar 09
I was engaged a few years ago but he didn't think anyone would accept it as a real engagement if I didn't have a ring so I told him if a ring was that important to him he could buy a cubic zirconia and we'd replace it with a diamond when we could afford it. HE FLIPPED OUT! LOL that was apparently the totally wrong suggestion. I deserved a diamond and if he had to save every penny he found on the sidewalk he would get me a diamond. We broke up shortly after that. Not because of the ring, because he was nuts but that's another story for another day.
@hershiez (464)
28 Feb 09
Who doesn't? Diamonds are a girl's best friend!- Moulin Rouge( love this movie! ) ^_^
@jaymeeliz (505)
• Philippines
28 Feb 09
Oh well, I'd love to receive one!
@Wizzywig (7858)
28 Feb 09
No, I've never had any desire to own diamonds in any form - nor any other precious stone. I had a bracelet with sapphires bought for me about 15 years ago and I've only worn it twice. It just lives in a box in the cupboard.