How do you play pocket Aces?

United States
February 28, 2009 12:34pm CST
Slow play, just call, much of a raise....?
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• Columbus, Ohio
4 May 09
With pocket aces you are an expected winner. That means you raise, raise, and continue to raise, unless you give strong reason to believe you are beat. By building the pot as large as possible you win more in the long run than slow playing it.
• United States
3 Mar 09
It totally depends on the type of game you are playing, In a cash game I like to slow play them occasionally, but in a tournament I am always trying to extract maximum value from my big hand's. In a tourney I may make a small raise and hope to see a king high flop and catch some action but sometimes its better to take it down preflop and add to your stack versus risking a lot of chips when your opponent may outdraw you.
@Murjax (1)
• United States
2 Mar 09
It depends on the situation. I would typically make a raise pre-flop, call whatever bets after the flop and the turn (check if none are made), and make some type of bet after the river, the size of which depends on what's already in the pot. I wouldn't bet during the flop and the turn because you risk losing possible betters to folding.
• United States
2 Mar 09
i would first call, than wait for a raise. if none than on next turn bet. i play in alot of live tournaments. have been beaten by pocket aces alot. its never a sure thing.