stuck up with a relation.... badly... wanna die... please help

February 28, 2009 12:43pm CST
hey people... for those who had been reading my previous discussions already might be knowing and for all those who read my this discussion as the first one, let me tell that i am a man of relations... i love making them... and i find it more amicable to sustain them for long.... had been a pride for all the people I had been into a relation with.... friendship for me is before god and heavens!!! I live in a hostel and share a room with another guy.... wth whom I had been living for more than 2 years now... in this time we had been quite a close.... friends... buddies... best buddies.... brothers.... brothers for life time... and what not... it is not that he doesnt care or love me... but he never shows... ok I agree showing isnt important... i even agree he is an aggressive guy... a very very short tempered....he takes me as his elder brother... though we r of the same age... and since an elder brother... he loves me... repsects me a bit(not too much to show)... we had a quarrel a few days back in which he slapped me twice or thrice and hit me again n again... with each stroke of his... they were not falling on my head or cheek but my heart... and above all when the entire fault was his!!! Actually we were going somewhere...the place was new to him and we , like got apart in the bus station... and so got frightened and thought I have left him... hence when I found him... he was onto my head ... red heated!!! the quarrel resolved... and he apologised a 100 times that he should not have raised his hand onto me... infact in any case even i cannot remain angry with him for long... so we r back to the normal happy life... but things still pinch... and disturb... I am unable to forget those slaps... those physical fights that we had(though me had a numerous before too, and I hardly remember any now) so why is this one disturbing me people.... I dont know wht to do... please help... m i like.. 'loosing on him now???',...coz I dont want to if I am
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@Dotrex (52)
• Netherlands
28 Feb 09
Well, since it's over I think you should already forget about it and continue your life normally. I mean, if something else happens between you two, then It'll be more sad for the two of you. Leaving each other for a lifetime's consequences will be worser than that of what had happened between you two. :)
• India
28 Feb 09
well...its natural dat d incident had left u deeply disturbed..ought too..coz in every relation watever it mayb, respect is foremost....which sadly seems lacking from ur frnds part..!!in every relation problems n quareels happens..its inevitable may also if dis things crosses a limit den its time to get a hold on it..!!i understand being in such a close frndship for 2 yrs..its hard to think i think ur being tring to ignore things for d sake of avoiding furthur probs.. dat is not a positive sign..!!i think u should hav a open n serious bt cool chat wid ur frnd abt d probs n doubts u hav..he may understand ...if not den u should b firm n show him dat ur not going to take dis kind of behaviour for d sake of friendship.!!bcoz fndship is a mutual thing..!!