have you ever used someone else's email without their knowledge ?

@abcnadz (460)
March 1, 2009 12:39am CST
hello mylotters. has anyone ever signed into your account without your knowledge and did something wrong. has anyone else done this to you. recently my friend signed into orkut from an internet cafe but she forgot to log out. and the next person who used the system, sent unwanted , hilarious, stupid and really vulgurous messages to everyone in her profile. she recieved phone calls and people were just blasting at her. then she realised there's somehting wrong . she logged in again, changed her paasword and sent sorry messages to everyone. such things can spoil your image to an extent. has this happened to you ?
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@chaitra001 (3278)
• Bangalore, India
1 Mar 09
Hi no it never happened to me because I never forget to signout when I use public computers or at my office though no one uses my pc in office other than me but to be safer side I will logout before leaving the place. Its really a bad experience for your friend to get blastings from all. Anyways to be safer side logout before you leave in public computers. Happy myloting.
@abcnadz (460)
• India
1 Mar 09
thank you for your response and yes, you mustnever forgot to logout from public computers. it may lead to big troubles. have a good afternoon