i want your referral links!

@rin888 (75)
March 1, 2009 1:48am CST
I want your referral links plz, I need you to give me a brief description on the site and how you personally made money from it, and how much approx you made. I want these links to try out myself so i can then put it on my site, I have a blog written about sites that I have personally made money from or believe deeply in. So please tell me about and give me your links so i can find the ones that work and add them to my site so other people who come to my site wont have to worry about signing up to crap that are scams and/or a total waste of time. Thankyou and please check out my site and become a follower if u want to check up what sites i have found to work. :) http://mmm2share.blogspot.com
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