How to save time in recession?

March 1, 2009 2:27am CST
I was thinking of ways to save time and maximize my efficiency in earning the money. But I do have second thoughts of it as it looks much frustrating to work for reduced salary which drives many to the extent of even losing the job. We can best save time by cutting down the period of time spent on unwanted discussions and also by cutting down the lunch time in excess. People can also opt for new ways of recreation like playing mind games than other unwanted games played outside.
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@amitavroy (4822)
• India
1 Mar 09
when my friend although I I know that the time is not going very well for everyone. It is a recession time and every penny burned currently can result in an insecure future. So it is better to say that much as you can and it is also advisable to earn as much as you can so that you can have a good balance when there is a bad time going ahead. The main problem is that no one knows when the situation is going to get normalised and so I personally think it is better to focus on those areas which will give you better outputs. This site is not some place where you can focus completely for your total revenue. I personally feel that it is a side very we should come and enjoy the state post discussions and in the meantime doing so you will get some amount for your participation which is always benefiting to you. But if you want to focus on the site to only earn money then let me tell you that the time spent on this Web sites to contact the amount is very less compared to the same time dedicated on your work. And took on a huge amount every day is not at all possible if you don't have a huge network of referrals who are also earning a lot of money each and every day. If you can do that then definitely you can look for the option otherwise I personally feel it is better for you to concentrate on what you are doing in your job and not focus on such things for your main source of income.
• United States
1 Mar 09
We need not cut down on outside games. That is a very vital part of exercise for many. If not for this they would have none. I say your right about the lunch hour. I would also say try to get things done early. Giving yourself time to unwind and mylot.
@lishiwei (1551)
• China
1 Mar 09
I also want to save the time!I feel I was wasting the time all the days!It's really very difficult to save the time!The most useful way for me is use the time as much as you can!