New films are bad

March 1, 2009 2:33am CST
According to me,new films are little bit bad compared to old films.In old films,there are no so much violence and so much non healthy scenes such as in new films.And the songs are also decent.The songs in the old films are understandable and the lyrics are clear.But in new songs,the music sounds very good but the lyrics are not understandable.The sound of the music is higher so that the lyrics cannot be heard clear.The lyrics also contains bad words.There are only few great songs in new films like Jaiho which get Oscar.Discuss which kind of film you like(old or new?).
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• China
3 Mar 09
Indeed,there is too much violence in today's movies,which is really bad for children's growth.But there are also good movies such as Wall-E...
• China
1 Mar 09
I love old films but i can accept new films,too. Not all new films are bad,and actually i think some of them are pretty good. This year's Australia and Bemjamin Button are not bad,i think