Is is better to post photos in Associated content or write articles?

March 1, 2009 5:44am CST
It seems to be very easy to upload images on associated content than writing lengthier articles. I feel that it just takes a few minutes to upload ten photos and then we can earn passive income from it as I am an international member. What do people feel about this image uploading and slide show in the associated content and people can even suggest better tips too. We can add tags to images so that it is very visible in the site.
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@hcromer (2710)
• United States
3 Mar 09
I think that it is more worthwhile to write articles for Associated Content than to upload photos. It usually takes a long time to upload the photos and label them when I could have been writing articles that contain words that can be found by a search engine. The hits brought in by the text will far exceed the hits you will get on photos on AC. I have a few photo slide shows on there, but they haven't gotten more than 1 hit per month since I post them, however on my writing I earn around $7-8 per month just on views and not including upfront payment.
• India
1 Mar 09
it depends upon what are you here for...!!! I could hardly make a sum of $12 in 15-16 months... so i m nt here for moeny... m here for satisfaction...(sounds weird, vague and sugar coated....huh? but is not).... i am a guy living in my own world and hence have many questions in my heart which I share with people here... many of my doubts also get clarified here... but if u planning to make an additional income(which seems to be a tough job though!!!)u may keep posting the photos.... but I guess they pay u for only quality and not for anything... HAPPY MYLOTTING!!!