how do you handle??

@jolope (988)
March 1, 2009 7:17am CST
how do you handle disappointments?? im actually having a hard time being ok after being disappointed.. but i actually came up with something good while sulking.. i should really think about it that much and be all down and low about it.. because having that bad feeling wont get me anywhere.. i'll just be stuck with feeling terrible but not actually solving anything.. so like i said, i want to know your opinion.. how do you handle disappointments??do you think its just a piece of cake?? i personally think its irritating..but i just have to get over it..
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• Philippines
2 Mar 09
on my part i handle disappointments by talking to the person involve but in a nice way cause i believe that every disappointment can be settled in a good talk..then another option of mine is that when i do the talking and still it doesn't resolve the issue then i just leave it to the other person involve since i already did my's her/his problem now if he/she doesn't want to resolve things...another one is to divert your attention to something more important than dwelling on that certain disappointments..after all, life is an ongoing process..there's no use in dwelling on things over and over have to move on..^^
• United States
1 Mar 09
jolope you are right, good thinking. There will always be disappointments in life, but its not what happens to us but how we chose to handle what happens to us. Good for you `` you chose to no longer sulk and get down and dirty in wallowing in that which has disappointed you to be lift yourself up and one speak out and reach out to us to encourage you as well. Pat yourself on the back for this. We have to remember too that we allow ourselves to be even more disappointed because we have our own expectations that we put on ourselves as well as the ones who we get disappointed by. Learn to read pick up a good motivational or inspirational book to uplift yourself when you feel you want to allow that feeling to creep in. Put on some music that moves you in a positive way, dance be child-like with your babies if you have if not go borrow some laughter and have fun is so powerful not that your masking the issue. We often give others way too much power over us. We can not be everything to everyone all the times. You fall you get up and dust yourself off and start over again and love where you are. Dont think on things so hard relax and free your mind your solutions will come.
• Philippines
1 Mar 09
personally, I try to take the time to actually be sad about it. I dont pretend to be okay when I'm not. I dont pretend to be strong when I feel weak. I cry when I want to cry and I dont smile just to pretend that I'm all right. I wear my heart out on my sleeve and just let my emotions flow. I think that helps me feel better much much faster instead of denying to the whole world including myself that everything is okay when obviously it's not.
1 Mar 09
Try to see the silver lining on the cloud. I know its cliche and really hard to do but it does work, eventually in my case!! We just went to view a house not that long ago, I fell completely in love with it and looked at it on the internet every day. One day, I went on to see that it was sold. We couldn't have offered for it at the time as our house isnt on the market yet. I was gutted, I was at work and and had to stop myself from crying! By the end of the day, I was focussing on the fact that if we had tried to go for the house, it would have put us under enormous pressure to finish our house, sell it quickly and get a good price for it.
@manya_pearl (1903)
• Singapore
1 Mar 09
Me, im that kind of person who is really cant endure being disappointed. Not only me, you and other normal person may feel hurt after being disappointed. Im liar if its not. The problem here now is not the disappointment here, but the mind. Something bitter can be taste good if you think its good, just like how you manage sour. Im not talking about food that you eat, but how you think about it. Lets say the disappointment is problem for everyone, because it hurts! Yes, it hurts... very... I was also disappointed by my own group mates after i expressed my idea, and they were all attacked me with their own opinions and bla...bla... and all inside my heart i couldnt take it anymore, but promise, i thought everything before i speak them all. Ok, i just say, its ok. I smile at them even i just really got hurt. Its ok-i said to myself. After 1-2 hours, i reflect myself, and say, let see what this group will be. And then, 6-7 hours after, my leader met me and said to me personally, manya, im sorry for what i said with other, what you said actually perfectly correct. I admit that and im sorry taking it lightly. I was smiling at her, she looked terrible at that time, and i was laughing inside my heart (oh see... do u think i never use my brain before my tongue?). I'm being sympathized by my leader that she was acknowledged me (i knew you need humbleness to speak that you are wrong). Hmmm... there are also comes the day when im going to do the research, my mentor corrected the whole papers and there are so many scratches... it seemed that i went wrong. It hurts so much that you used your brain and energy to prepare the proposal and at the end of week its being REJECTED. Its so disappointed. But from that, i learned to be humble and appreciate every thing bad and good... it improves you to be a humble person. and bible said, being humble or getting low, God will bring you up and soar high. If the disappointed comes after you doing something good, then you must take it as ingredients to cook a tastey dish. But if the disappointed after your laziness and half done task, then you know its really your mistake. The best iron comes from the best heat.
• Canada
1 Mar 09
Being disappointed is never a piece of cake. Or at least if it, is it isn't a piece of cake that I'd want to eat! Diasppointment is a normal response to being let down so go ahead and let out your irritation! Me, I personally will head to the gym or tackle a really big house work project. It has to be something with a lot of physical exertion. Once my self imposed workout is finished I am generally calm enough to try and be honest enough with myself to figure out what went wrong and so on. From there I keep telling myself if I expect a different or better result than I shouldn't repeat the same mistakes again, and again, and again! Good luck!
@xlinzixx (511)
1 Mar 09
i don't handle disappointment that well at first i normally sulk lol then i just try to put it to the back of my mind and forget about it. which probably aint healthy lol. happy mylotting