How do you help someone with a broken heart?

March 1, 2009 8:55am CST
My girlfriend just got dump by her boyfriend of 2 years,she was really in love and though it was going somewhere.When he broke up with her he was a real idiot and very cruel.Things that he said where terrible,i can't belive this guy would make her feel so little.She didn't deserve to be treated this way and i'm trying to comfort her but i'm not doing a very good job so far...I know what she realy need right now in a good listening ear but i would like to hear your point of view on this subject.I don't want to tell her that the guy was a goof anyway and to get over it,but that how i feel.
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• Philippines
1 Mar 09
sometimes you really dont have to say anything. you just have to listen to her and give her hugs when she needs them, just be there for her. never judge and never blame. allow her to choose the path she wants to take in moving on. we all have different ways of coping with a broken heart and your way may be different from hers. when I was trying to heal a broken heart, I greatly appreciated those people who were patient enough to hear my aches, those who never got tired of comforting me and never judged my actions. I had friends who kept telling me things I needed to do, things they wanted me to do cause they were so tired of hearing me whine and complain and I resented them for that. in fact, I never spoke to them ever again. just try to be patient cause in time she will get over her hurt feelings.
@zhuhuifen46 (3485)
• China
1 Mar 09
I understanding your difficulty. I would just listen, give her an ear so that she can gelt loose her sorrow. Better not comment on her ex, sometimes, if others say anything bad about him, she will feel even worse for her wrong decisions to make friend with him in the first place. If you want to say anything, maybe just express your readiness to help at any acount. Time is the best cure. She can heal her injuring only by her own licking.