I am still looking for that italian movie since I watched it in CCTV in 2004?

March 1, 2009 11:41pm CST
Two main roles: one is the barber, named George. The name sounds like this, because I am watching the Chinese version. George experienced the big depression of his career. One night he saved a young man who was going to jump into the river. Not sure about this detail, anyway he was going to kill himself. George persuaded him to live along. Right, this young man's name is Gooth. Then with the time flowing, they feel both better, and one day the young man persuaded the barber to participate in a World Barber Championship. I feel its in Paris in the movie, not very sure about this. And there, the barber met the biggest rivale who he was acquainted with when they were both apprentices of one great barber teacher. And during the game, I remember they somehow had a fight or anything like that. Then the young man decided to take the train to leave him, but finally the baber found him in the train station. They went back to the match spot together, and finally the barber won the world champion.
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