Guitar Hero V.S. Rockband.

United States
March 1, 2009 11:51pm CST
Which is better? Does it depend on what your taste in music is? Guitar Hero obviously is more difficult than Rockband and definitely more famous. Does anyone prefer Rockband to Guitar Hero?
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• Sweden
5 Aug 09
I like rockband more than gh. In Rockband it is a lot of different styles of music. Just like the other guy said "GH only have rock and metal songs". IT IS RIGHT. But Rockband has some country songs, rock, metal, punk etc. ...
• United States
5 Jul 09
It's more like Do you like "Actevision or Harmonix?" Harmonix made Guitar hero 1,2, and rock the 80's. Then they were kicked from making their own game and actevision took over. now Harmonix is making rock band. My say is GH 1,2 and rock band. Actevision is just turning Gh into a metal crapfest and milking the series. We have a new GH coming out for some random system everymonth. hell some of the songs on GH III weren't even synchronized. I like how harmonix actually give a variety of music while Actevision sticks with rock and metal. ontop of that, with Rock band you can download songs and upload the songs from the first one onto the 2nd one. and if it ever comes to difficulty drop everything. There's a little something called Beatmania and if you think GH on expert is hard then you're about to lose your fingers if you try Beatmania. .
• Ireland
1 Apr 09
Hmm, i prefer GH but i still have rock band and I think it's great.