United States
March 2, 2009 12:06am CST
There have been numerous upgrades in Runescape since I first started playing the online MMORPG and some of them I didn't like. Some of them make it more difficult to play and the enhanced graphics can overwhelm smaller computers with it's high detail. Does anyone else dislike some of the changes to Runescape?
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@blitz069 (38)
• Australia
2 Mar 09
HELL NO! upgrades are awesome. they make the game better not worse. and if your comp cant handles those mere graphics, theres still the normal quality graphics, no one forces you onto the high quality stuff.
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• Austria
24 Mar 09
well, i really like the grand exchange, because it's easier to make trades, but the trade limit is so annoying, it came a year ago, just after it came i quitted playing, i just started again. :)
@uath13 (8192)
• United States
3 Mar 09
I can't say I didn't enjoy any of the updates. You do know you don't have to use the enhanced graphics don't you. It's called low detail.
@060157 (1059)
• Pakistan
4 Mar 09
the past couple of years updates have really been a blast for runescape and the new graphics update was one of the best and i am lucky that my computer supports these graphics. just like the above answers say, if your machine cannot run the high details, switch to the low details and have fun.
@gbeast95 (505)
• United States
11 Mar 09
the upgrades, like everything in life, has both advantages and disadvantages. i, in my opinion, think that the new upgrades and enhanced graphics are better but i never play in high detail because of two reasons: first of all, i get headaches from it, and my computer kind of overwhelms my computer. but the standard version is good for my computer and the graphics on it are not half bad.
@luvandpower (2048)
• United States
4 Mar 09
Some of the upgrades have been good and others were not, I think the new skills were the best though. I especially love construction ( whenever I am a member).
2 Mar 09
All of runescape updates are really great. Some people may disagree but they are just selfish or stupid. Only thing that I don't like is the frequency of updates. The game is updated 1 time a week but sometimes updates aren't that good and it is march now and there was only one quest (which took me 10 minutes to do) As I said all updates are great, but not all of them are rewarding enough.